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Subject: [controlled-trade] CTML Vocabulary [First Round]

My apologies for the slow and aperiodic contact with you. However, like many
of my American colleagues, I have been delayed by our holidays of late.

Attached you find a VERY rough cut at some of our CTML vocabulary. This work
represents input from a few people here at my organization, and has yet to
be incorporated with input from other related subdomains. It simply is what
it is -- insight into some of our thinking to date. There are, though, some
things you may want to know when you read through the document, namely some
of the assumptions and organizational ideas we had when we were working on
the document. I've included the outline in this email so that you can see
what I am talking about.

2.1 CTML Vocabulary
    2.1.1 Party
    2.1.2 Relationships
    2.1.3 Item
    2.1.4 Location
    2.1.5 Guidance
    2.1.6 Compliance
    2.1.7 Determination.
    2.1.8 Verification

Part of our thinking involved our ability to incorporate other controlled
trade concepts as we continue -- ideas like sanctions, embargoes, etc. need
to be defined and incorporated. You'll have to excuse the bad model that is
in the document right now. It is pretty much unusable and unreadable. For
those of you with eagle eyes, you will hopefully see how we tried to match
the model with the outline. I suspect that we begin to discuss the
relationships of each of these areas some of these topics will disappear and
other emerge. 

For now, this will hopefully get some discussion going. Glenn Golding is in
the process of incorporating some of his ideas in the vocabulary, and Tom
Fergus has just gotten home and will hopefully have a few moments to review
the EMS portion. So there you have it...as they say on American television:
let the games begin :-)

Attachment: CTML_Vocabulary.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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