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courtfiling-blue message

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Subject: Use Case Comments 2 of 4 - wd-LegalXML-Court-Filing-Blue-02

General Comments:


Overall, it is a job done well!


In 1.1

Consider moving from Component Vocabulary to a more implementation neutral term such as Major Design Element (MDE).


Consider thinking about the placement of function to allocated across MDEs as a Functional Design Element (FDE).


(These will free up component to be used in a more industry standard way.)


In 2.1

Expand the term filer - to cover the court and court staff filing outbound or find new term to cover the concept.


In 2.3, 2.5

New Extension:

Support a two phase process payment

Phase 1 confirm payment request validity.

Phase 2 process payment after confirmation from the Reviewing Clerk

Support rejection during phase 2 with communication to clerk






Donald L. Bergeron
Systems Designer
O 937-865-1276
H 937-748-2775
M 937-672-7781


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