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Subject: RE: [courtfiling-doc] Breaking Court Document out of Court Filing

Title: RE: [courtfiling-doc] Breaking Court Document out of Court Filing


I will, of course, represent the ECF TC to the Steering Committee by conveying its requests, recommendations, etc., there. There are, by the way, specific OASIS procedures relating to the formation of Technical Committees, etc. Whatever decisions are reached would be implemented within those procedures.

Now, writing as an individual member of the ECF TC, I think this is the first time I've heard a proposal to move the Court Document committee toward being its own TC. I would think that Court Document needs to become more closely identified with Court Filing, where many of its stakeholders are involved.

Roger Winters
Electronic Court Records Manager
King County
Department of Judicial Administration
516 Third Avenue, E-609 MS: KCC-JA-0609
Seattle, Washington 98104
V: (206) 296-7838 F: (206) 296-0906

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From: Diane.Lewis@usdoj.gov [mailto:Diane.Lewis@usdoj.gov]
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2003 8:08 AM
To: courtfiling-doc@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [courtfiling-doc] Breaking Court Document out of Court Filing

 i am addressing this message through the court document filing SC...instead of directly to you.... so others can provide their thoughts.

I would like to request that you along with elected members to the LegalXML member Section board... consider a realignment of Court Document ... instead of being designated as a subcommittee under Court Filing.  I propose that the community consider it a separate TC....   the charter for the subcommittee can be rewritten to justify the need to place a definite boundary between court filing and court document.

i look forward to learning your detailed views on this proposal as well as learning the views of other court document SC members.

thanks for considering this idea.... diane

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