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Subject: Revised Charter for LegalXML Court Filing Documents Subcommittee

  Attached is the revised Charter that was developed at the LegalXML
Court Filing Face to Face and the first meeting of the LegalXML Court
Filing Documents Subcommittee on 09/16/2005.  The document is attached
in RTF and UTF-8 text formats.

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The proposed draft charter for this TC Subcommittee is as follows:

Court Documents Subcommittee is part of the Electronic Court Filing Technical Committee of 
the LegalXML Member Section.
Statement of Purpose
The Court Document Subcommittee, using specifications from the Global Justice Information 
Sharing Initiative of the Department of Justice and the National Information Exchange Model, 
will create reference documents for court documents, including case filings, and a means to 
electronically format  them to produce consistent human-readable displays and to support the 
automation of information exchanges.  The subcommittee will recommend additional 
specifications it deems necessary or useful to support the courts and legal professionals in 
their ongoing and increasing use of and reliance upon electronic legal documents, including 
court filings. 

The Court Documents Subcommittee’s initial work will focus on heavily-structured forms. The 
Subcommittee will identify principles and techniques that could later be applied to enabling 
similar processes for other, less formally structured court documents. 

The Court Documents Subcommittee will submit its work products to the OASIS LegalXML 
Court Filing Technical Committee for review and consideration for adoption as committee 

List of Deliverables
The Court Documents Subcommittee will complete the following task(s) during its first year of 
operation under this Charter: By the end of July 2006:

1.	Describe the business process goals and define the use cases for court documents 
using XML
2.	Describe processes that complement GJXDM IEPs by linking them with court-specified 
formats for displaying documents for human viewing and other purposes
3.	Describe how the technical architecture for forms relates to the document architecture 
for court filings
4.	Describe how the process for handling the heavily-structured forms affects court and 
legal practitioner business processes generally.  For example, identify how to manage 
versioning, forms processing, and related actions in the context of the GJXDM IEP. 
5.	Develop a number of XML-marked-up reference documents used in court and related 
legal processes, along with the tools and instructions for formatting them based on the 
Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative's Information Exchange Package 
Guidelines and other best practices related to the GJXDM.
6.	Create public information and education resources explaining the applicability of the 
technical standards and processes regarding XML based court documents and their 

Standing Rules
The Court Document Subcommittee will be governed by the operating rules of OASIS, the 
LegalXML Member Section, and the Court Filing Technical Committee. 

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