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Subject: Comment Set 1 - Updated Message Types (wd-LegalXML-Specifications-02.doc)

Here are my comments on the message type document.  They will come out in more than one e-mail message each one labeled as a comment set.  I will be using is my citation method line numbers. 


·         100 -- filing ID -- column 2 -- for a reviewed filing -- might be better wording

·         General comment across the document -- all items of type ID -- should all of these reference the unique ID scheme that was brought forward on May 17 and accepted at that time -- I suggest this is a real good idea.  When I read the point on the unique identifier for the machine, some machines do not have native unique addresses.  The proposal of May 17 covers that condition.

·         General comment across the document -- payment information -- this section will be replaced by the UBL information correct?  At minimum we missing the new identifier code that's used for practically all non-card credit card transactions.

·         103 -- I think we need more detail on the protocol were going to use for sequence ID.  I believe we only need to limit it to an integer value.

·         General comment across the board in the document -- should all tables have a column for cardinality?

·         123 -- You may want to add been more explicit statement that it does not ensure the information will be stored in the case management system nor the document management system.  Further, it does not ensure that it will be stored at all!

·         150 -- I think we need to have a textual section here and indicating that the purpose of this is to signal the completion of the activity.  It is not an indication of the individual "private" activities that go on within the creation of the court record.  More explicitly, it does not give a field by field value by value confirmation of the private activity.

·         159 -- ibid. my comments at 150 but pertaining to a review of the filing.


I will begin the Court Policy message information extraction upon the completion of the first review of the message types and their incorporation into the document.  I will focus on the run time Court Policy message information first and will get that out expeditiously.  I will follow on the table of information required for the set up of a filer with a specific court.







Donald L. Bergeron
Systems Designer
O 937-865-1276
H 937-748-2775
M 937-672-7781


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