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courtfiling-reqts message

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Subject: RE: [courtfiling-reqts] Status, artifacts, issues

Thanks, John.

I could do a conference call (if flights are on-time) between 2:30 and 3:00 CDT, or after about 7:00 CDT.

re: defendantNumber...  yes, the essential problem is that the previous spreadsheets mapped several person/subject identifiers to PersonAssignedIDDetails/PersonOtherID/ID, but did not indicate how one was to distinguish among them.  I think this is the right element to use, and in fact it was intended for this purpose, we just need to use the IDTypeText element to distinguish.  We could also do it with an extension as you suggest, but that would be a bit more cumbersome.  For the current version, perhaps we can go with what we have, and research this a little.

Please let me know about a call.


> I have reviewed Scott's list of issues. To the extent that I understand the
> issues, I have no objections to any of the changes he has made or suggested.
> On defendantNumber, I take it that the proposed mapping is to a GJXDM
> element that we have already used for another purpose. Why not create our
> own extension element?
> I would be glad to participate in a conference call at a time tomorrow
> convenient for everyone. I can make any time during the day or evening work
> if I have sufficient notice. I will not have email access during the
> working day (Pacific time) but can be reached on my cell phone to confirm a
> time.
> I am concerned about when we will have a product for Tom to deliver to Joint
> Tech electronically prior to the meeting on the 10th.
> _____
> From: Scott Came [mailto:scott@justiceintegration.com]
> Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 3:37 PM
> To: courtfiling-reqts@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [courtfiling-reqts] Status, artifacts, issues
> As you've all seen, I just posted a new baseline of the domain model and
> mapping to the main TC KAVI area.
> The consolidation work and cleanup raised a number of issues, in the
> attached. Also attached is a list of changes that were made to the criminal
> and traffic models, to improve consistency and reuse of structures across
> the message models. (John and I had a conversation about this yesterday and
> decided some refactoring would be worth the effort.) I have saved baselines
> along the way, so none of the changes are set in stone. I believe they do
> make the models (and mappings) clearer, more consistent, and less
> error-prone.
> Our biggest remaining gaps are:
> * Finishing up the juvenile model and mapping (still some gaps there...Jim,
> I have highlighted some issues for you in the attached issues file, at the
> top)
> * Modeling and mapping GetCaseQuery
> * Domain expert review of the consolidated models and all of the mappings
> (esp criminal, traffic, and juvenile)
> I have not begun creating schemas. I've flat run out of time this weekend,
> and also do not want to spend time on them if there are additional changes
> to the mappings. I would guess it will take 6-8 hours to create the schemas
> from the mappings.
> I also agreed with John that I would produce a short (1-2 page) description
> of the ECF 3.0 architecture, for inclusion in the IEPD overview document.
> Look for that mid-week.
> Thanks everyone.
> --Scott

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