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courtfiling-reqts message

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Subject: Profile requirements

As John noted in his summary of our conference call last week, a working group consisting of Shane, Don, James Cusick, Dr. Leff, and myself will attempt to identify profile requirements.  Per OASIS rules, the work of this working group needs to take place on an OASIS list.  I propose that we use the Requirements Subcommittee list for this purpose.  This has been our practice...to have detailed discussions of the 3.0 specification on the subcommittee list, with key deliverables and/or discussions and/or decisions posted to the main TC list.  If someone has an alternative to propose, please feel free.

Assuming we move forward on the requirements subcommittee list...only Dr. Leff is not currently a member of the subcommittee.  Dr. Leff, if you could join the subcommittee, we can begin work on this task.  I have an initial posting to get us started...look for that in the next day or so.


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