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Subject: Re: [csaf] Perhaps foolish of me to have done so, but I did an editing pass on draft of 1.2

On 4/3/17 6:36 PM, Eric Johnson wrote:

> I was noting a few random typos in the 1.2 draft, which made me think I
> should spend the time going through the whole document.

In 2.2.1 Date and Time Model:

"All date time values inside a CSAF CVRF document SHOULD adhere to the
ISO 8601..."

You suggest replacing SHOULD with MUST.  Strongly agree.

UTC is "Coordinated Universal Time", not "Universal Time Coordinated."
I suspect the French are to blame.

"...any date time literal having an empty zone designator SHOULD be
treated as having UTC offset 0..."

Change SHOULD to MUST again, agree, or require time zone.  However, I
believe we want to (and do) support date only, e.g., 2017-03-30, for
which time zone makes less sense.

I wonder about the need to support fractional seconds, but OK.

And lastly, maybe just remove this sentence:

"UTC is synonymous to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), “Zero meridian” time,
or military “Zulu” time."

Although correct, it's redundant, and "military" might be subjective.

 - Art

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