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Subject: Re: Re: [csaf] CVSS v2/v3 use in CVRF 1.2

- zero or one CVSSv2 and zero or one CVSSv3
- recommendation: either v2 or v3 (or both)

because sometimes I would like to publish advisory without scores.
at first, wish to advertise threat to the Internet.
Next, evaluate the detail of vulnerability with scores.


On 2017/04/13 11:47, Art Manion wrote:
> On 2017-04-12 14:35, Vincent Danen wrote:
>> This is something we probably want to look at for CSAF 2.0, not CVRF 
>> 1.2.  I don't think it can be resolved easily.  You could have 12 
>> different CVSSv2 scores right now but it's almost pointless if you can't 
>> map that back to a particular product or scenario.
> Agreed.  Thus, I'm proposing that CVRF 1.2 should allow zero or one CVSS
> v2 score and zero or one CVSS v3 score.
> A separate question remains:  If there is a CVSS score, must it be v3
> (and have an optional single v2 score)?  My position is that the score
> can be either v2 or v3 (or both).
>  - Art
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