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Subject: Re: [csaf] Persistent non-voting Member Status

On 04/25/2017, at 14:11 PM, Mr. Stefan Hagen wrote:

On 25/04/17 21:58, Vincent Danen wrote:
Stefan, I do not have anything on my calendar with respect to a meeting tomorrow. Can an invite be sent out? I don't recall deleting it so am
unsure why it's not there.  Did we set a recurring meeting up?

Please advise as I have no details for time or links, etc. Thank you.

On 04/25/2017, at 4:08 AM, Mr. Stefan Hagen wrote:

There are several ways to align the CSAF TC calendaring with a members personal needs.

1) (that is my best accessible resource in-memory)
We agreed on monthly meetings on last Wednesday of month 17:00 UTC for meetings.

2) homepage  -> Upcoming Events section
On our workgroup page top right there is a panel with the upcoming events. One can click on every link and then on top-left is a link to download. So if one opens this file in Outlook (as one sample) all should be saved on your calendar) I also checked with Thunderbirds calendaring plugin.

3) You can subscribe to the calendar and then will receive updates.
For this open the calendar page (in menu or simply click this link no-phis-i-guess):
Then somewhere top-middle is " Exports: spreadsheet | subscribe to calendar " offered and choosing subscribe to calendar should do this.

As I do not know what is inside the token when I am logged in and visit the CSAF calendar page I cannot simply send "mine" around ;-)

I hope this helps.

Thanks Stefan.  This definitely helps.

Vincent Danen / Red Hat Product Security

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