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Subject: Raw chat trace of meeting #8 - 2017-JUN-28

[19:00] Stefan Hagen: RegistrationInfo:{Voting Members: 11 of 22 (50%) (used for quorum calculation)} - one to go ...
[19:01] Stefan Hagen: We are quorate 
[19:01] Stefan Hagen: RegistrationInfo:{Voting Members: 13 of 22 (59%) (used for quorum calculation)}
[19:01] anonymous morphed into Jared Semrau
[19:02] Stefan Hagen: 1) Roll Call (please register yourselves short before the meeting - thanks)
[19:02] Stefan Hagen: 2) Approval of Agenda
[19:02] Stefan Hagen: As shown in the shared webex
[19:04] Stefan Hagen: Beth moves to approve the agenda, Lothar seconds.
[19:04] Stefan Hagen: Motion carries
[19:04] Stefan Hagen: 3) Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting #7 (2017-05-31) URL
[19:04] Stefan Hagen: URL = https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/60890/csaf-minutes-20170531-meeting-7.html
[19:04] Stefan Hagen: Lou moves to approve the meeting minutes, Troy seconds.
[19:05] Stefan Hagen: Denny thirds
[19:05] Stefan Hagen: Minutes approved unchanged as published
[19:05] Stefan Hagen: 4) Congratulations! - CSAF is the winner of this year's "Outstanding New Initiative" at the OASIS Open Standards Cup.
[19:06] Stefan Hagen: Omar congratulates again everyone for enabling the win in the "Outstanding new initiative" category of the "OASIS Standards Cup"
[19:06] Stefan Hagen: Omar adds, that it was great to meet some of the members in person during the Borderless conference in NYC
[19:06] Stefan Hagen: 5) Status of the CSD01 WD01 / PR01 candidate
30 days public review will end on 2017-06-30, first week over and no comments received so far.
[19:07] Stefan Hagen: correction 2017-07-20 will be the end date of course (30 das from 2017-06-20)
[19:07] Stefan Hagen: 6) Current Open JIRA Issues
[19:07] Stefan Hagen: Omar suggests to consider the existing open JIRA issues to start work on future topics.
[19:08] Stefan Hagen: Omar opens the table in case someone wants to discuss any of these
[19:09] Stefan Hagen: Lothar has a question w.r.t. progress after public review
[19:11] Stefan Hagen: Omar shortly explains that there are some procedural steps after review
[19:16] Stefan Hagen: Stefan adds, that the wrap-up of the comments collected (e.g. of the TAB) and if these are only editorial (i.e. not touching the factual content described) we could progress further to CS01 (which Stefan suggests) and then 2) prepare statements of use to support final submittal as OASIS Standard and we should start collecting candidates for such a statement submittal
[19:16] Stefan Hagen: Lothar asks if version 1.2 or version 2.0 should be subject to this usages statements?
[19:16] Stefan Hagen: Stefan explains that this is not the case.
[19:16] Stefan Hagen: Jamison moves to adjourn, Danny seconds
[19:16] Stefan Hagen: Meeting adjourned
[19:20] Stefan Hagen: As the adjourn motion was so fast  ... Stefan also offered sample statements of use, and added that these statements are to his knowledge mostly stating, that some org claims use of CSD01 (that versions spec) and to what approximate extend (if applicable) - so no promised public product, or public offering, also non-commercial implementations / usages count, like university etc.
[19:20] Stefan Hagen: Omar added that he is confident, that as CVRF v1.1 has many uses a "simple update of implementations" may be all that is needed, to enable an organization to submit such a statement

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