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Subject: CSAF CVRF v1.2 Comments

We have no technical corrections/comments but we do have a few minor updates:


  • Typo on – “The value Produzct Name of Branch Type indicates the name of the product.”
  • Syntax: The plural of Product ID is “Product IDs”, not the possessive form “Product ID’s” (2.2.4.n)
  • Syntax: Remove the “:” from the end of Product Tree Model – Grouped:
  • Semantics: The non-normative comment for [CSAF-2.215-1] should read: “The final two vulnerability involvement status states, ….” Reason: since presumably Completed and Disputed are also a final status state based on the statement that open or in-progress documents should eventually be issued as Disputed or Completed. 
  • Syntax: The plural forms of OID and MIB are “OIDs” and “MIBs” respectively, not the possessive form “OID’s” and “MIB’s” (4.4 Document Publisher).
  • Formatting of indent for vuln:Notes on page 59




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