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Subject: Reflecting on Borderless Cyber USA and a look forward


transparent                         Next Borderless Cyber Conference

                                                               Prague  |  6-8 December

Join us as we reflect on the accomplishments of Borderless Cyber USA!

Hear it straight from the conference chair, guest speakers and sponsors.

Thanks to our many supporters and media partners, we are pleased to share all the great pre- and post-conference press with you.


Slide presentations
and photos are available online. We hope you enjoy all the content. 

Call for Presentations is open for the next Borderless Cyber Conference.

6-8 December 2017
Prague, The Czech Republic


Deadline for proposals: 16 Aug

OASIS and FIRST join forces in December to present a two-day conference geared toward bringing together cyber threat intelligence experts from industry, government agencies and CSIRTs worldwide. Attendees will share challenges and barriers faced when implementing a cyber threat intelligence initiative.

We invite you to be part of the conversation. If you have ideas and experiences worth sharing with people who are responsible for setting their organization’s cyber strategy, please submit an abstract. Presentations should target a technical audience from various disciplines, such as security teams, commercial security vendors, open-source security developers, CSIRTs, and maintainers of open security standards. Success (or failure) stories, ideas for fresh approaches, new research findings, and even analyses of policy trends are all welcome.

submit proposal



Hosted by:

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Sponsorship opportunities are available.

  • Options available online

  • Contact Dee Schur if your company is interested in signing up.
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  Borderless Cyber USA / New York / 21-22 June / Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House

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