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Subject: New CSD02 / CS01 candidate - revision report and tentative next steps

Dear members,

as of this European morning, the CSD02 WD01 of "CSAF
Common Vulnerability Reporting Framework (CVRF)
Version 1.2" is available on kavi. [1]

The changes applied are purely editorial, and mostly
deal with correcting the non-native English editor's
language knowledge (like placement of single apostrophe
for plural and possessive).

In the hope it helps, a revision report containing the 
applied changes in a diff format has been published in 
kavi for your reading / navigational pleasure [2].

It was just about one hour of effort:
- including the download of CSD01PR01 start material, 
- application of the changes required to apply issue CSAF-30 [3],
- commit in github TC repository 
- and publication via kavi;
but I personally was kind of "running on empty"
the month of August until now, so that this caused the
late provisioning only short before the monthly meeting,
and I am sorry for this.

This revision contains only non-material changes[4] per 
the TC process [5]

These are as prescribed by the process (a) documented as
reference in the document's revision history and clearly
layed out in issue CSAF-30 [3].

In case there is consensus among the TC members to further
progress this work product on the standards track, we will
need to maintain some motions (and a ballot) - but these steps
are as simple as 1-2-3 ;-)

1) A motion to accept the CSD02 WD01 revision of "CSAF Common
   Vulnerability Reporting Framework (CVRF) Version 1.2" at 
   as Committee Specification Draft 02 including publishing without any public review

   (Skipping any further public review is possible because we
   meet the following condition from [5]):
	 "If only Non-Material Changes are made to the draft 
	 after the public review, then the TC may proceed with 
	 the approval as a Committee Specification in accordance 
	 with Section 2.7 without conducting another public review 

2) Further the TC requests from the Chair to (a) request 
   publication of the Committee Specification Draft 02, and 
   (b) direct the Chair and Secretary to perform any tasks as
   required by TC Administrator to facilitate that issuance. 

Following that and based on section 2.7 first paragraph in [5]:
  "2.7  Approval of a Committee Specification

	After the public review, the TC may approve the 
	Committee Specification Draft as a Committee Specification. 
	If any comments have been received during the most recent 
	public review period, that vote may not commence any earlier 
	than 7 days after the last day of that public review. 
	The approval of a Committee Specification shall require a 
	Special Majority Vote. The TC Chair shall notify the 
	TC Administrator that the TC requests a Special Majority
	Vote for the advancement of the draft as a Committee 
	Specification and provide to the TC Administrator any 
	other required information. The TC Administrator shall 
	set up and conduct the ballot to approve the Committee 
	Specification "

Where a "Committee Specification" is (cf [7]):
  '"Committee Specification" is a Standards Track Work Product
  that has been approved as such by a Special Majority Vote of 
  a Technical Committee. A Committee Specification is an OASIS 
  Standards Final Deliverable and subject to the patent licensing 
  and other obligations explained in the OASIS IPR Policy.'

3) A motion that requests from the Chair to notify the 
   TC Administrator, that (a) the TC requests a "Special Majority
   Vote" [6] to advance the Committee Specification Draft 02
   as Commitee Specification 01, (b) request publication upon
   success of the ballot, and (c) direct the Chair and Secretary
   to perform any tasks as required by TC Administrator to facilitate 
   that issuance. 

Then we should all care to vote on the ballot and when the
ballot closes, and it succeeded, we have a committee spec :-)


  [1]: CSAF Common Vulnerability Reporting Framework (CVRF) Version 1.2
	Committee Specification Draft 02 WD 01:
	with the public accessible link being: 

  [2]: Revision Report of the non-material changes (CSAF-30)
	with the public accessible link being: 

  [3]: CSAF-30 - CSD01 WD01 Review comments from Beth Pumo:

  [4]: TC Process Definition of what constitutes a "Non-material change":
	As a service cited below: 
	  "Non-Material Change" is any change to the content
	  of a Work Product that does not add or remove any
	  feature of the Work Product and that: (a) constitutes
	  only error corrections, editorial changes, or
	  formatting changes; or (b) is a pro forma change to
	  content required by TC Administration.
  [5]: TC Process:

  [6]: TC Process Definition of a "Special Majority Vote":

  [7]: TC Process Definition of a "xxx":

All the best,

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