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Subject: gathering in CNA summit?


If you forget to sign up for CNA summit (see the below), please contact cna-coordinator@mitre.org immediately.

It'll be great to meet there to discuss how to collaborate with CVE JSON format. For example, the mandatory CVE JSON format can be generated by extracting the info from CVRF directly. For CVRF 2.0 (or CSAF 1.0), we need to be aware of the possible expansion of CVE JSON format, i.e. the desired tags for vendors' security advisory which should be in CVRF but may or may not be in CVE JSON.

"As we announced previously, MITRE is hosting the 2nd CVE CNA Summit at our McLean, Virginia campus on February 13 - 14, 2018. The Summit agenda will include several working sessions in which CNA managers will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges and issues that are of the most importance to them. Your participation is essential as we continue to expand CVE’s reach to new products and sectors.

 We are in the process of planning the event, and we need your feedback. Please confirm your attendance by responding to cna-coordinator@mitre.org with the following information:


Company or Organization









Feng Cao
Oracle Security Alerts Group

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