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Subject: Progress on the JSON schema - context for emails that are coming...

In our last CSAF call, I volunteered to cobble together a JSON schema if someone else would provide JSON representations they thought appropriate.

Just as a reminder, those files can be found here:

I've now got a good starting point for a JSON schema, which I'm now in the process of refining. In the meantime, the JSON instances, and the schema have highlighted some interesting challenges. For that, I'm going to send along a bunch of emails for each individual issue, so we can collectively weigh in on the choices.

The first issue, obviously, that came up was the JSON instances provided used "CamelCase" names for properties. I've created modified versions of the original files that switch the property names to the appropriate "underscore_separated" names that the mailing list appears to have agreed upon.

My overall plan:
Leave original JSON untouched. Create modified JSON that corresponds to decisions of the group. Create a JSON schema that validates those documents.

Start of some questions to follow in separate emails.


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