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Subject: [CSAF JSON Schema] Follow-on discussion about language support

Several further comments about language support in the schema.

I believe we should state the language in the document in some form. In my original email, I gave option (A), which presumes the question is simply out-of-scope. Nobody else has come forward in furtherance of that approach, so I suspect we should discard that option. However, I do think it is reasonable to state a default value for a language choice - so the schema may relay the default value, even if the value does not appear in the instance.

For completeness, here's where I see translation actually being a question:
Based on what I see and understand, I suspect that nothing in the "product_tree" should be localized. Anyone disagree?

As for performing localization, I come down on the side of localization data being outside of the CSAF document. I think this makes sense simply because it has a different life-cycle from the vulnerability data in the existing documents. That is, translations of vulnerability descriptions and notes about vulnerabilities will not be available at the same time as the vulnerabilities themselves. Translations are also likely to be incomplete, as not all information might be translated to all languages. However, It behooves us to specify how it works, so that we can guarantee localization is handled consistently.


The requirements for localization, that I can put my finger on:
Any other requirements? (I confess I've not been involved in localization in a long time, so I suspect I'm missing something.)


To externalize the translation implies one of two approaches:
My recommendations:


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