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Subject: Pull request just sent... "lang" changes


I've just submitted a pull request to complete my long-overdue changes to add "lang", and "source_lang" to the CSAF documents, as per resolution of the TC.

In addition to whether or not anyone has comments / thoughts about that pull request, I have another question.

I've been trying to find a tool that will take the JSON schema document, and generate an easier-to-consume form - either Markdown or HTML seem to be obvious options. Markdown is, in some ways easier, because the HTML approaches will pay lots of attention to styling, interaction, etc., whereas I am just looking for something that will materialize an easier to read descriptions of the contents of the schema.

I've found two tools that claim to do jsonschema --> markdown, but they appear to be failing on specific constructs used in the schema, yielding unresolved references. I can probably go and debug the conversion, but figured I'd start by asking my question.

Does someone know of good tools to convert jsonschema to either HTML or Markdown form?


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