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Subject: Information on the release of STIX 2.0/TAXII 2.0/CYBOX 3.0



My Name is Jeffrey Blalock and I work on the DI2E project.

We are hoping to get STIX 2.0/TAXII 2.0/CYBOX 3.0 as a mandated standard in the DISR.

However we have a question on when the Draft and Final Dates for the next version of specs.

We hope to participate in the process.


The exact question from my boss is


“Provide dates as to when STIX 2.0/TAXII 2.0/CYBOX 3.0 evaluation will be complete; looking for Draft and Final dates.  Goal is to influence the OASIS standard development with DI2E equities in mind.”


Any info is good.

If you can provide links for documents and/or release dates that would be great.



Jeffrey B. Blalock

DI2E Enterprise Focus Team (EFT)

Booz | Allen | Hamilton

Mobile: 301-538-6042

Email: Blalock_Jeffrey@bah.com


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