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Subject: Typos in STIX Part 4 WD 02

• In section 2.13, there is a MUST in the second sentence of the first paragraph should be bolded
• In section 2.18, this sentence refers to extensions to X509 Certificate, but it doesn’t have any, because x509-v3-extensions-type is not a cyber observable extension:  

       An X.509 Certificate Object MUST contain at least one property (other than type) from this object or one of its extensions
• In section 2.13.1, the example contains a SHA-256 hash which contains extra characters at the end:

        "SHA-256": "35a01331e9ad96f751278b891b6ea09699806faedfa237d40513d92ad1b7100fSHA"
• In section, the data type for the property gid is number
• The title for section 2.12 should be “Network Traffic Object”
• The naming of embedded types is inconsistent:  


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