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Subject: TAXII 2.0 - Remove mentions of Channels

I think there’s pretty broad consensus that a concept like Channels is useful, but they are completely unspecified in TAXII 2.0. I would just remove any mention of them.


By analogy, there aren’t “Infrastructure” or “Incident/Event” sections in the STIX 2.0 spec, even though the intention is to include them in STIX 2.1.


There’s no need to “reserve” anything, since there aren’t areas in TAXII that could be extended and potentially conflict with a future specification that includes Channels.


  • All of Section 1.4.5
  • All of Section 6
  • All of Section 8.1.3
  • All of Section 8.4.3
  • Some mentions in 1.4 (Overview)
  • Some mentions in 1.4.2
  • Last section of table in Section 3.1
  • Mentioned under “API Root” in Appendix A (Glossary)


Alternatively, we could leave a single mention in the overview that a “publish-subscribe” paradigm is a valid use case that we are intentionally not pursuing in the TAXII 2.0 specification. I don’t want us to be unnecessarily backed into a corner with any statements we make about the direction we envision Channels eventually going.



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