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Subject: STiX 2.0 Cyber-Observable Objects definition

The STIX Version 2.0, Part 4: Cyber Observable Objects document mentions that  the cyber-observable objects included in STIX 2.0 “represent a minimally viable product”.

The latest schema I have seen specifies 18 cyber-observable objects.  Prior CyboX versions had specifications for something in the neighborhood of 90 CyboX objects.

Is there a roadmap which identifies  the future STIX version  which will contain the specification for each of the remaining cyber-observable objects?





Cliff Palmer (NE) (Contr)

Data Architect

General Dynamics Mission Systems

10455 White Granite Drive

Oakton, VA 22124



Palmer, Clifford (CTR) <clifford.palmer@associates.hq.dhs.gov>

O: (703) 277-1599

M: (703) 405-9828


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