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Subject: Deadline approaching to reserve your space in the RSA 2018 OASIS Security Standards Showcase

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From: Jane Harnad <jharnad@oasis-open.org>
Date: Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 3:38 PM
Subject: OASIS Security Standards Showcase for RSA 2018: Reserve now.
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Cc: Carol Geyer <carol.geyer@oasis-open.org>, Dee Schur <dee.schur@oasis-open.org>

Dear CTI Members,


OASIS has placed a hold on two 20x30' booths for RSA 2018, to be held 16-20 April in San Francisco. We have reserved these spaces to showcase products that support OASIS security standards and to feature Interoperability demonstrations between products. 


The OASIS booths have a premium location, in the front row of Moscone South Hall, adjacent to one another, separated by an aisle. Each booth will hold a maximum of 12 pods (limit set by RSA). This means a larger space for the same number of participants as we had for RSA 2017. 


We anticipate demand will exceed supply for the 24 available pods. (We had a waiting list for RSA 2017, and new Sponsors have expressed interest in participating.)  Members are strongly encouraged to reserve space as soon as possible.



OASIS operates our Standards Showcases and Interops on a cost-recovery basis. The fee to participate is determined to ensure that booth expenses are equally covered by the participants and that a professional level of support is provided. For RSA 2018, the cost for each pod will be $9,750. (Note: This increase from 2017 reflects the larger space, higher associated expenses, and the participation limit set by RSA.) 

The participation fee is non-refundable and due within 30 days of reserving the space. Reservations not paid within 30 days will be forfeited and reassigned to members on the waiting list. Please see the attached contract for payment information and what's included (and not included) in the fee this year. 

Reserving a pod:


OASIS will begin accepting pod reservations on 1 March 2017. Pods will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. 


Until 1 April, only OASIS Foundational- and Sponsor-level members will be able to reserve pods. If any pods remain available after April 1, they will be offered to Contributor-level members. 


Contributor members are encouraged to consider upgrading their membership to Sponsor in order to secure participation in RSA 2018 and receive other marketing benefits exclusive to Sponsors. The cost of upgrading is prorated based on renewal date. Contact dee.schur@oasis-open.org for details.


Since our goal is to enable as many members as possible to take advantage of this benefit, each member company initially will be limited to one pod per booth. (In the unlikely event pods are not sold out, OASIS management may offer Sponsors the option to add a pod.)


OASIS is required to confirm our space commitment at the end of March. In order to secure our space, we will need participation confirmation from a sufficient number of members before that deadline.


Please be sure to review the OASIS Interop Policy (modified Feb 2017) before reserving your pod.

Reserve your pod using the form attached. 

Interoperability demonstrations:

Members who reserve pods must demonstrate product support for one or more OASIS security standards. Members also are encouraged--but not required--to participate in one or more Interop Demo(s), which are subject to additional technical requirements determined by the relevant TC and by the members involved.


Members who successfully participate in Interop Demo(s) will be highlighted in a separate press release and receive special recognition in the booth(s).


Additional information is included in the attached.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Kind regards, Jane


Jane Harnad

Manager, Events

OASIS | Advancing open standards for the information society 
+1.781.425.5073 x214 (Office)

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