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Subject: Focusing our active discussions a little


I wanted to thank everyone for a lot of the great conversation that has been occurring over the last couple of weeks.
That is the good news.
On the not as good news front we haven’t really been able to drive to consensus on any specific concrete proposals yet.

I think that while these various conversations are great and seem to have some good exchange we are currently trying to keep up with and contribute to around 1/2 dozen issue topics rather than the two that we agreed to focus on. I have already heard from some parties that this level of diverse activity is difficult to keep up with in a well thought out way. I think this dilution is likely part (though certainly not all) of the reason we are still talking about things on some of these issues rather than having driven towards consensus solutions. I would also hate to have a situation where there is so much active conversation on so many different topics that people not working on this full time with enough cycles to keep up with everything are forced to choose only specific topics to be involved in and simply do not follow or contribute on others based on time.

May I suggest that we attempt to refocus on 1-2 issue topics, drive them to ground and then move to the others?

The two topics that we had agreed to be discussing are sightings and relationships. I think we have had some good discussion on sightings and if we can focus there without distraction for a bit we can hopefully drive to some consensus. If there is community desire to have the second active topic be one of these other issues being discussed (data marking application approach, data marking structure, ID format, request/response, etc.) rather than relationships please let us know and we can select one of these other topics and focus there.

Once again, thank you for your active contributions.


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