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Subject: Sighting, Observation, and Indicator updated

Hey folks,

A group of us spent some time hashing through how sighting, observation, and indicator work together (notional tie-in to CybOX and patterning). It’s all reflected in the pre-draft specs for STIX: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F1c05GgYaJFV1Z04B8c_T3vEE-LRQTPExF24LvOQAsk/edit

We’ve had pretty good agreement on this so I think at this point we’re ready to move into the review phase. Please take a look at these definitions, fields, and examples and see if they work for you.

PS: The “kind of indicator” (indicator type, indicator category) vocabulary discussion kind of stalled. Who’s interested in that topic? Can we get a small group to work together to make progress on that and bring back a proposal? As a reminder, there was also a suggestion to split that single field into a field for pattern type and a field for threat type.


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