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Subject: Authors needed!

Hey everyone,

As you’ve probably seen, we’re starting to build up a lot of great content in the STIX 2.0 draft specifications. You’ve probably also noticed we’re missing some things, though. I wanted to call out a couple of these weak areas to see if we could get volunteers to fill them in.

Here’s what the editors have noticed needs some work:
  1. In the STIX Core Concepts document (STIX 2.0-1) we need some people to author text for:
    1. The abstract and introduction
    2. Terms and definitions
    3. Normative text for the common data types
    4. Examples, where they’re missing
  2. In the STIX Top-Level Objects documents (STIX 2.0-2a, STIX 2.0-2b, STIX 2.0-2c, and STIX 2.0-2d) we need people to add text for:
    1. The definition for each top-level object
    2. For any of the TLOs that we’ve discussed and have good consensus on (Sighting, Indicator, etc.):
      1. Normative text in the property tables
      1. Examples, where they’re missing
As a reminder, your single landing page for all of the STIX 2.0 specs is https://stixproject.github.io/stix2.0, then click on Pre-Draft Specification. If you want to bookmark it, here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yvqWaPPnPW-2NiVCLqzRszcx91ffMowfT5MmE9Nsy_w/edit 

If you’re looking to add something and aren’t sure where to start please talk to me or one of the other co-chairs/editors (Aharon, Bret, Rich Piazza) and we can help you out. If you haven’t been added to the Google Docs and need permissions, send an e-mail to Bret Jordan.


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