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Subject: STIX Specs, 27 April 2016


Ahead of the TC meeting tomorrow we thought it would be helpful to send out PDF versions of the specs for your perusal. These are hot off the presses, exported from Google docs today, so if you’ve been keeping up with those versions you can ignore these. If you haven’t, this should give you a good window into where we stand for 2.0.

I apologize for the multiple documents, once we get a lot of comments and text Google Docs tends to slow down a bit. The final spec will be a single document, this is just a convenience for while we develop them.


Attachment: STIX2.0-1.pdf
Description: STIX2.0-1.pdf

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Description: STIX2.0-2a.pdf

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Description: STIX2.0-2b.pdf

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Description: STIX2.0-2c.pdf

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Description: STIX2.0-2d.pdf

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