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cti-stix message

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Subject: 5/31 Working Call Agenda



Here’s the agenda for the next working call, which will be held on May 31 at 11am EDT.


Status Updates (5 minutes)

  1. Formal Consensus Motions
    1. Boolean
    2. List (was array)
    3. Number
    4. IDs and References
    5. Object Creator
    6. Report TLO
  2. Formal Review
    1. Open Vocabularies
    2. Controlled Vocabularies
    3. Vocabulary Extension
    4. Versioning
    5. Object Level Marking
  3. Initial Review Phase
    1. Bundle


Discussions (50 minutes)

  1. Indicator Labels (need to finalize)
  2. Campaigns (motive and objective)
  3. Kill Chain Approach
  4. External IDs
  5. TTPs


If anyone else has anything they think we should discuss let one of the co-chairs know and we can get it scheduled.


Have a great weekend and, in the U.S., a happy Memorial Day!



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