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Subject: Fwd: STIX 2.1: Adding IEP Framework to STIX 2.1

Hi All,

I've got an update on the FIRST Information Exchange Policy (IEP) Framework work currently being done within the FIRST IEP-SIG. 

For those of you who have never heard of IEP, it is a JSON based way for threat intel producers to inform recipients of how they are allowed to use the data threat intel they receive. It extends the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) to fill a lot of the gaps, removing ambiguity when sharing information..

IEP version 2.0 differs from IEP version 1.0 in that it now allows threat intel to reference remote IEP policies. This allows communities to create a network accessible IEPJ file, and all threat intel to just reference that url. We plan on drafting some standard IEP policies to help kick start the process off. 

You can view more about the draft IEP Framework documents in the attached documentation:
  • FIRST_IEP_Framework_2_20170418.pdf describes the IEP Framework at a high level
  • FIRST_IEP_2_JSON_20170104.pdf describes the JSON implementation of the IEP Framework.
We know that IEP would provide a lot of value to STIX 2.1, as it would clear up a lot of the confusion that recipients have regarding how they can use they data they receive. For this reason, we have created a draft STIX Data Marking object specifically for IEP, and we submit this to the community for inclusion in STIX 2.1.  STIX2.1Proposal-InformationExchangePolicyMarkingObjectType.pdf describes our proposal in greater depth.


Terry MacDonald | Chief Product Officer

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