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cti-stix message

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Subject: New property names for previous label properties

Here is a quick tally of the view that have been expressed so far.  I would encourage others to weigh in on this topic.  I have grouped them in to two different camps, the people that are for a *_type and the people that are against the *_type.  If anyone feels like I captured your view incorrectly, please speak up.  If you have changed your mind, please speak up. If you have not yet expressed your views, please do so.

*_type camp (11) - 68.75%
John Wunder
Sean Barnum
Terry MacDonald
Sarah Kelley
Phillip Royer
Rich Shok
Rich Struse 
Paul Patrick
Ivan Kirillov
Trey Darley
Jason Keirstead

Not *_type camp (4) - 25%
Bret Jordan
Jeff Mates
Allan Thomson

Unknown (1)
Gary Katz

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