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Subject: Re: [cti-stix] Sample Malware STIX Documents

On 06.07.2018 21:37:07, Katz, Gary CTR DC3/TSD wrote:
> The reason we are proposing these changes is to make it easier for
> implementations to reuse the work they already performed to
> correctly parse observed-data rather than having to learn a separate
> way to use cyber observables in a malware object.

Gary et al -

If I understand you correctly, the primary benefit of this approach is
to avoid an implementer having to write a parser for the lite variant
of observed-data currently defined for the malware object. But having
examined your sample data, the way you're using observed-data is a
definitely a variant of how observed-data is used everywhere else.

If we make this change, you're still going to have to write code to
handle parsing observed-data (proper) versus this variant. Maybe you
shave off 50 lines of code with this approach but it seems like a
negligible trade-off for all the additional normative text we're going
to have to write to clarify this additional (proposed) use case for

This is certainly not the hill I'd choose to die on but the pro/con
vis-a-vis the current malware definition is far from clear to me.

> During this upcoming Tuesday's call, we will review these changes.
> Hopefully we can get a consensus one way or another, if we cannot, I
> would suggest that we turn this into a ballot so we can quickly get
> approval to move forward on this object and get towards a 2.1
> release.

Apologies for missing today's working call, unfortunately I have
another pressing commitment.

Director of Standards Development, New Context
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