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Subject: Proposal: Addition of defined relationship from COA to Indicator

Scenario: Lets say you want to have an indicator feed that you want to provide to a DNS server, in order to either deny or sinkhole those IP addresses and/or domains. As such, you want to provide Course of Action that are linked to those indicators, to tell the DNS server what to do.

Currently, COA only has "mitigates" relationships to Attack Pattern, Malware, Tool, and Vulnerability.

As such, one is forced to either

(a) Create "dummy" empty Attack Pattern objects to create this relationship
(b) Make your own SRO for "mitigates" directly from COA to Indicator

In this use case, there is no attack pattern, or any of these objects. You simply want to be able to say "If you see X, do Y".

I would like to request / suggest that we add a defined relationship from COA to Indicator called "blocks", or "denies", "mitigates", or something to that effect so that this use case can be standardized, as it is extremely common.

Jason Keirstead
Lead Architect - IBM Security Cloud

"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." - Unknown

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