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Subject: Re: [cti-taxii] HTTP as a "strawman" MTI protocol binding


On Sep 9, 2015, at 7:29 AM, Davidson II, Mark S <mdavidson@MITRE.ORG> wrote:

During the call yesterday, the question was raised as to whether there was consensus on HTTP as a protocol binding going forward. After some discussion and bouncing around of ideas, we came up with an idea that seemed to resonate with those on the call. This message is to make sure the entire SC has awareness of what was discussed, and to enable further discussion if desired.
The protocol discussion landed on these key points:
·         Keep the protocol binding concept from TAXII 1.x (e.g., the idea that multiple bindings are allowed for TAXII)
·         One strawman “Mandatory To Implement” (MTI) protocol binding.
o   The MTI has a strawman decision of HTTP
·         Zero to many “Optional To Implement” protocol bindings (we did not define any of these on the call)
·         The strawman decision can be revisited and later on, if desired
There seemed to be a lot of agreement on the call that this is a good path forward. If there aren’t any objections in the next couple days, I’d feel comfortable labeling this as a TAXII SC consensus.
Thank you.
- Mark

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