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cti-taxii message

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Subject: Vision and next steps



With the group approaching consensus on the vision statement, we should have a quick discussion on procedure/process aspects of our work.


Recall that during the last community call, the following focus areas were identified (in no particular order):

1.       Work toward a shared vision

2.       Unify the three proposals (if possible)

3.       Improve use cases


The purpose of this email is to prioritize the group’s work and identify work items. The first question is: should any focus areas be added/modified/removed? Or is the existing list good for now?


In terms of prioritization, Bret and I would like to propose that we keep working on the shared vision. The use cases are not nearly complete, but of the three focus areas they represent the most progress and therefore need the least help (for now – this is a relative measure and will change in the future). Proposal unification seems to be a work item for the proposers and any other interested parties, but not necessarily something the group needs to work through as a whole.


In terms of advancing the shared vision:

During the vision conversation, scoping questions (e.g., What TAXII is/isn’t) were raised a few different times. This seems to be a natural follow-on to the vision conversation and will address questions raised by multiple SC members. Does this seem like a good next step?


TL;DR (aka Conclusion)

Once the vision attains rough consensus, the proposal is to keep focusing on the shared vision by having a scoping discussion. Thoughts?


Thank you.


Mark Davidson


(781) 271-3703

Lead Cyber Security Engineer

The MITRE Corporation


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