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cti-taxii message

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Subject: Current Channel Concept



Here is the channel concept as currently envisioned. Bret has noted the recent thought of also having an egress message handler which is not diagrammed here.


In terms of the Message Handler verbs that Bret mentioned, I’ll list them here along with their purpose. Recall that this is a strawman/draft – please speak up if you have questions. Not all concepts (e.g., message TTL) are diagrammed here.


Message Handler verbs (communicated back to the producer to indicate message disposition)

·         Accepted – The message was accepted as-is and was added to the channel

o   Success!

·         Rejected – The message was not added to the channel

o   Maybe nobody wants to see your cat pictures in their threat feed

·         Modified – The message was accepted, and was modified before being added to the channel

o   Maybe the channel only allows TLP green, and anything higher than TLP green was stripped out

·         Redirected – Your message was accepted, but was placed on a different channel than specified

o   Maybe you wanted to put something on the indicator channel, but this TAXII server has a “human review” element, so the message was added to a human review queue for manual inspection before being finally added to the channel that was initially specified.



Thank you.


Mark Davidson


(781) 271-3703

Lead Cyber Security Engineer

The MITRE Corporation


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