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cti-taxii message

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Subject: test.taxiistand.com - NEW taxii test server by Intelworks

Dear All,

The STIX/TAXII community is growing, and to help this effort we’ve just launched a publicly available TAXII test server based on our open-source OpenTAXII implementation (http://opentaxii.readthedocs.org/). 

Intended to allow the community to test different services and functions as writtten in the TAXII specifications.

If you would like to know more, or have requests for specific data sets or functionalities - let us know:

Much thanks to the Intelworks team for their efforts and Cosive for the STIX generator!

Best regards,


Full overview here: http://test.taxiistand.com, in summary:

Read-Only Services
Discovery https://test.taxiistand.com/read-only/services/discovery
Collection Management https://test.taxiistand.com/read-only/services/collection-management
Polling https://test.taxiistand.com/read-only/services/discovery

Read Write Services
Discovery https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write/services/discovery
Collection Management https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write/services/collection-management
Polling https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write/services/discovery
Inbox - All Data https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write/services/inbox-all
Inbox - STIX Only https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write/services/inbox-stix
Inbox - CAP Only https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write/services/inbox-cap
Inbox - XML Encrypted Only https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write/services/inbox-xmlenc
Inbox - S/MIME Only https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write/services/inbox-pkcs7

Authenticated Read-Write Services (guest/guest)
Discovery https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write-auth/services/discovery
Collection Management https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write-auth/services/collection-management
Polling https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write-auth/services/discovery
Inbox - All Data https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write-auth/services/inbox-all
Inbox - STIX Only https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write-auth/services/inbox-stix
Inbox - CAP Only https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write-auth/services/inbox-cap
Inbox - XML Encrypted Only https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write-auth/services/inbox-xmlenc
Inbox - S/MIME Only https://test.taxiistand.com/read-write-auth/services/inbox-pkcs7

Intelworks – Intelligence Powered Defence
www.intelworks.com – Soon to be EclecticIQ!

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