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Subject: HTTPS implementation language


2.  HTTPS Requirements

The TAXII Protocol defined in this specification requires HTTPS as the transport for all communications.

·      TAXII Servers and Clients MUST implement HTTPS [RFC7230].

·      TAXII Servers and Clients MUST implement TLS version 1.2 [RFC5246].

	o   TAXII Servers and Clients SHOULD implement later versions when available.

·      TAXII Servers MUST implement PKIX X.509 certificates and certificate revocation lists [RFC5280 and RFC6818].

·      TAXII Servers MUST support authenticating certificates using PKIX [RFC6125].

	o   TAXII guarantees TAXII Clients can use at least PKIX (see above).

·      TAXII Servers and Clients MAY support other certification verification policies such as:

	o   Certificate Pinning: A single or limited set of either hard-coded or physically distributed pinned certificate authorities or end-entity certificates.

	o   DANE: DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities [RFC7671]

	o   Note that Self-Signed Certificates (like other certificates which cannot be verified by PKIX) MAY be supported via Certificate Pinning and/or DANE as noted above for limited, closed user group applications.

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