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cti-taxii message

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Subject: Tuesday's Working Call

I would like to discuss the authentication and certificate pieces on this Tuesday's working call. We seem to have a divide in the community about what to do here.  Some are saying we should be completely silent, others are saying we should define it because otherwise the only interoperability we will have is a "best practice". 

The group seems to be divided nearly 50/50.  What I am going to propose is that we put things like the certificate authentication and certificate handing parts in the "Optional Features" part of the Conformance Section.  This would allow us to specify exactly how it should be done, if you decide to implement it.   We need to make sure we take in to account cloud services that may not give you a lot of flexibility over the stack that you are using.  But I think we can solve this.

So if you have opinions on this topic, please join us on this weeks working call.



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