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Subject: Last Call


I would like to ask for a last call for comments and feedback on the following two issues.  The current expressed consensus is that we should accept these changes. Please review as soon as possible and voice your feedback.

1) Make the date added and version properties required on the Manifest resource section 5.3.1.


2) Add an optional alias property to the Collection resource in section 5.2.1


alias (optional)


A human readable collection name that can be used on systems to alias a collection ID. This could be used by organizations that want to preconfigure a known collection of data, regardless of the underlying collection ID that is configured on a specific implementations.

The alias value MUST use URL safe characters.

If defined, the alias MUST be unique within a single api-root on a single TAXII server. There is no guarantee that an alias is globally unique across api-roots or TAXII server instances.

Example: /{api-root}/collections/critical-high-value-indicators/

If you approve, disapprove, or have additional editorial suggestions, please comment on the email list. 



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