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Subject: RE: TAXII 1.0/1.1 Pain Points

Thank you, Sergey. 

Since you created the page, I've added some bullets from the "TAXII 1.x Complaints" slide that was shown at the TAXII SC kickoff meeting.

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Subject: [cti-taxii] TAXII 1.0/1.1 Pain Points

Dear community members,

    Before we move forward with decisions about TAXII 2.0 it would be great to fully understand what does not work in TAXII 1.0/1.1. Following the assumption that it is easier to describe a problem than suggest a solution, I created a page “TAXII 1.0/1.1 Pain Points” - https://github.com/TAXIIProject/TAXII-Specifications/wiki/TAXII-1.1-1.0-Pain-Points

    If you have a day-to-day experience with integration TAXII services, developing clients/servers, or maybe you just recognised blockers in TAXII that stop you from using it - could you please list them on that page? That would be extremely helpful.

// sorry for cross-posting

Thank you,
Sergey Polzunov

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