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Subject: Re: [cti] OASIS CTI - Need to recruit


Don’t disagree with the need for evangelism in engaging as many stakeholder Domains as possible.

However, some assumptions you make below are incorrect.  In addition to my company’s  direct pro-bono engagement in various open and closed community forums of CTI since 2007 in terms of moving CTI and our Utopia Framework agenda forward, I also represent the interests of the US Defense Industrial Base members of the Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE), another “large” ISAC I’m not cleared to publicly disclose, and “Vendor" organizations like NC4 (and some I cannot publicly disclose).  We are also collectively engaged in various partnerships with US Agencies (e.g. DHS), Cross-Sector Sharing Organizations, International Organizations like FIRST, etc. in terms of moving the overall CTI Inter-Exchange agenda forward through advocacy, both “proof-of-concept” and fully operational reference implementations.

I believe there are others here as well who are representing a broad set of shared/common interests as part of both direct partnerships/affiliations as well as pro-bono “Good Netizenship” Community participation/support.

Patrick Maroney
Integrated Networking Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 569
Marlton, NJ 08053
Office: (856)983-0001
Cell: (609)841-5104
Email: pmaroney@specere.org

From: Chet Ensign <chet.ensign@oasis-open.org>
Date: Monday, June 1, 2015 at 2:14 PM
To: "Jordan, Bret" <bret.jordan@bluecoat.com>
Cc: "cti@lists.oasis-open.org" <cti@lists.oasis-open.org>
Subject: Re: [cti] OASIS CTI - Need to recruit

Hi Bret - 

Not to discourage recruitment (!) but rather just for a bit of perspective from my role here... 

I have *never* seen a TC launch with this many members. More common is 10 to 20. Very few TCs have ever had this kind of interest or involvement. (Of course, very few TCs deal with a topic as pressing as CTI either.) 

Also, having just 1 or 2 people from any member company in a TC is common. 

That said, Carol and Robin are continuing to investigate and recruit and are happy to work with you to target potential players. Feel free to get in touch with them with any ideas that you have. 

I agree with you about vendors but I think we have some of them in the works. 


On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 1:36 PM, Jordan, Bret <bret.jordan@bluecoat.com> wrote:
We are 2 1/2 weeks away from our first meeting and we only have 55 potential voting members.  We need to recruit in order to gain a broad spectrum of ideas. 

Some interesting dynamics in our voting memberhsip have already started to form. 69% of the current potential voting members come from 5 logical groups.  

United Kingdom Cabinet Office 5 9%
Soltra / Banking 16 29%
MITRE / US Gov 8 15%
Intelworks 4 7%
IBM 5 9%

I am really surprised that we do not have more support from vendors.  



Bret Jordan CISSP
Director of Security Architecture and Standards | Office of the CTO
Blue Coat Systems
PGP Fingerprint: 62A6 5999 0F7D 0D61 4C66 D59C 2DB5 111D 63BC A303
"Without cryptography vihv vivc ce xhrnrw, however, the only thing that can not be unscrambled is an egg." 


Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration 
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

Primary: +1 973-996-2298
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393 

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