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Subject: Re: [cti] OASIS CTI - Need to recruit

Hi folks, 

Much as I *hate* to do this - and I really really do because this is a fascinating thread - I have to ask you to drop the cti@ email address off the discussion. (Please put me on it though - I'm lovin' this.) 

I have to because, per the OASIS rules, the list cannot be used for substantive discussion yet. It is only meant to be used at this point for logistical conversation leading up to the first meeting. 

The reason for that is the officially the TC has not yet formed. The TC isn't considered to be "in business" until the first meeting is held and the chairs are elected. 

So please don't share materials with cti@ - not yet! Get your ducks in a row and have them ready because clearly, once the chairs are elected and the bell is rung, you all are going to have spirited, energetic discussion and get the CTI TC off to a rocking start! 

But seriously, if you keep the conversation going privately, please add my email. I would dearly love to keep learning from you all. 

Best regards, 


On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 2:47 AM, Jerome Athias <athiasjerome@gmail.com> wrote:
I expect that there will most likely never (not soon) be 100%
consensus/agreement on one specific set of standards from the various
"This is always subjective to some extent, which creates a challenge
when attempting to generalize in a one size fits all standard.
However, we hope, and I believe, that the latest efforts made are a
step in the right direction, and respectfully enhance the concepts
introduced in this important challenge."
Initiating this joint effort (see synonyms please) is already an
achievement, IMHO.

Regarding the "ecosystem diagram", I do like this idea.
Potentially we could reuse, as a a starting point:
- STIX "adopters/supporters" diagram done some time ago
- the list of Vendors providing STIX-compatible tools that was built
some months ago
(Richard/Sean should understand the materials I'm referring to)
And I would be happy helping expanding/extending this with a
"standards forums ecosystem diagram".
@Tony: Do you have already some materials?

Best regards

2015-06-02 10:59 GMT+03:00 Tony Rutkowski <tony@yaanatech.com>:
> Hi Chet,
> Here at ISS in Prague, I'm giving a short
> intro on CTI tomorrow.  Back across the pond
> again in two weeks at TC CYBER in Sophia
> Antipolis, I'll be doing an even more extensive
> presentation to build on the synergies between
> the group work items and the organizations.
> At least as important as group membership
> are the outreach relationships with other industry
> standards fora dealing with threat information
> sharing.  Indeed, highly useful for the initial
> meeting would be an ecosystem diagram that
> identifies all those other standards fora and
> keep it continuously updated.  The NFV ISG
> has done this with great effectiveness.
> One ancillary subject that occurs among these
> diverse communities is the creation and maintenance
> of a relatively definitive list of ISAOs.  I've seen
> reference to various established and formative ISAOs.
> It's not apparent whether any definitive listing
> exists.  CTI may wish to task OASIS to maintain a
> registry of ISAOs.
> --tony
> On 2015-06-01 08:14 PM, Chet Ensign wrote:
> Hi Bret -
> Not to discourage recruitment (!) but rather just for a bit of perspective
> from my role here...
> I have *never* seen a TC launch with this many members. More common is 10 to
> 20. Very few TCs have ever had this kind of interest or involvement. (Of
> course, very few TCs deal with a topic as pressing as CTI either.)


Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration 
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

Primary: +1 973-996-2298
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393 

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