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Subject: International Representation: Leadership

Hi All:

There have been many good points made regarding the leadership for both the CTI-TC and the subcommittees. I'll offer a +1 for Rich as Chair of the CTI-TC, too.  And I also want to emphasize the importance of having international representation for the CTI-TC leadership, as Trey pointed out. The optics of this will become more and more important as we proceed ahead.  

Further, we need to ensure strong leadership for the subcommittees...again, with representation from the US and the EU if possible. Patrick mentioned the need to shift from strategic to tactical mode for the subcommittees... We need technical leaders with good communication skills... I can already think of several people that fit that profile, based on the posts I've been reading this past year.  

Another key theme I want to give a +1 to is the vendor agnostic approach that Bret mentioned in his role as the key protagonist for STIX at the Brussels ENISA meeting. That vendor-agnostic approach has been the tone of this group all along... so that is not a stretch, but it will be even more important moving forward as the competitive landscape begins to shape itself.  

In concert with this thought I'd like to suggest that at our very first meeting on June 18 we discuss the issue of on-boarding other members/observers in the future.  I realize there had to be a deadline established to make the transition from the DHS/MITRE sponsorship to the OASIS sponsorship...but, with the European road show by the MITRE team coming up, I think we are going to see more interest from our European partners.  We need a schedule and a process for that.  

All for now,

Jane Ginn

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