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Subject: Up-to-date of members eligible to vote at the first CTI TC meeting


Here is the up-to-date list of those who have joined in time to be eligible to vote at the first meeting of the Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) TC. The list is alphabetical by last name after Rich as the convener.    

Richard Struse DHS Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C) (TC Convener) 
Scott Algeier, National Council of ISACs (NCI)
Peter Allor, IBM
Denise Anderson, National Council of ISACs (NCI)
Mark Angel, U.S. Bank
Aishwarya Asok Kumar, Soltra
Jerome Athias, Individual
Igor Baikalov, Securonix
Jonathan Baker, Mitre Corporation
Sean Barnum, Mitre Corporation
Adnan Baykal, Center for Internet Security (CIS)
Jeff Beekman, Soltra
Mike Boyle, National Security Agency
Dan Brown, DTCC
Peter Brown, Individual
Jonathan Bush, Soltra
Michael Butt, Soltra
Brad Butts, U.S. Bank
James Cabral, MTG Management Consultants, LLC.
Cynthia Camacho, Soltra
Cory Casanave, Object Management Group
Aharon Chernin, Soltra
Lee Chieffalo, ViaSat, Inc.
Mark Clancy, Soltra
Peter Clark, IBM
Adam Cooper, United Kingdom Cabinet Office
Brady Cotton, Soltra
Trey Darley, Soltra
David Darnell, North American Energy Standards Board
Mark Davidson, Mitre Corporation
Doug DePeppe, Cyber Threat Intelligence Network, Inc. (CTIN)
Paul Dion, Soltra
Terrence Driscoll, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Brian Engle, Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC)
Wilson Figueroa, ViaSat, Inc.
Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay, National Security Agency
Alexander Foley, Bank of America
Jane Ginn, Cyber Threat Intelligence Network, Inc. (CTIN)
Joep Gommers, Intelworks BV
Robert Griffin, EMC
Bernd Grobauer, Siemens AG
Brandon Hanes, Soltra
Vishaal Hariprasad, Palo Alto Networks
Crystal Hayes, The Boeing Company
Sandra Hernandez, IBM
Brandon Hoffman, Lumeta Corporation
Wei Huang, ThreatStream
Gordon Hundley, DTCC
Robert Hutto, Soltra
Owen Johnson, Blue Coat Systems, Inc.
Elysa Jones, Individual
Bret Jordan, Blue Coat Systems, Inc.
Takahiro Kakumaru, NEC Corporation
Jason Keirstead, IBM
Nick Keuning, ThreatQuotient, Inc.
Ali Khan, Soltra
Chris Kiehl, Soltra
Ivan Kirillov, Mitre Corporation
Chris Koutras, DTCC
David Laurance, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Terry MacDonald, Individual
Mona Magathan, U.S. Bank
Kevin Mangold, NIST
Patrick Maroney, Integrated Networking Technologies, Inc.
Ryusuke Masuoka, Fujitsu Limited
Evette Maynard-Noel, US Department of Homeland Security
Mike McLellan, United Kingdom Cabinet Office
Tyron Miller, Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd
John Morris, IBM
Mark Moss, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Yogesh Mudgal, Bloomberg
Hugh Njemanze, ThreatStream
Chris O'Brien, United Kingdom Cabinet Office
Andrew Pendergast, ThreatConnect, Inc.
Michael Pepin, Soltra
Alex Pinto, Individual
Sergey Polzunov, Intelworks BV
Josh Poster, National Council of ISACs (NCI)
Rutger Prins, Intelworks BV
Greg Reaume, TELUS
Daniel Riedel, New Context Services, Inc.
Anthony Rutkowski, Yaana Technologies, LLC
Jon Salwen, Mitre Corporation
Michael Schwartz, Individual
Andrei Sîrghi, Intelworks BV
Pamela Smith, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Howard Staple, United Kingdom Cabinet Office
Alan Steer, TELUS
Justin Stekervetz, US Department of Homeland Security
Andrew Storms, New Context Services, Inc.
Marlon Taylor, DHS Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C)
Dean Thompson, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ Bank)
John Tolbert, Queralt, Inc.
Timothy Tompkins, Aetna
Alastair Treharne, United Kingdom Cabinet Office
Andrew van der Stock, Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd
Raymon van der Velde, Intelworks BV
Jyoti Verma, Cisco Systems
Julian White, United Kingdom Cabinet Office
Chip Wickenden, Soltra
Jeff Williams, Dell
Ron Williams, IBM
John Wunder, Mitre Corporation
Benjamin Yates, Soltra


Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration 
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Primary: +1 973-996-2298
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393 

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