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Subject: STIX 1.3 & STIX 2.0 Nominations/Discussions Thread


We've had some nominations and suggestions for the STIX Sub-committees. Here is a thread that can combine the various discussions/thoughts moving forward.

On the table is a nomination for Aharon Chernin & Sean Barnum as co-Chairs for STIX. Also on the table is the suggestion to break STIX Sub-Committees into two separate groups, an OASIS version 1.3, and 2.0. We've also had the following Roadmap presented that would combine the two:


  *   Create a roadmap for STIX 1.x
  *   Maintain and enhance STIX 1.x as necessary
  *   Create a roadmap for STIX 2.x
  *   Design and create STIX 2.x
  *   STIX Documentation

Note that this set of deliverables would assume sequential treatment of the two sets of actions, rather than parallel treatment as discussed in the meeting.

We can use this thread to sort through these different proposals.

Jane Ginn

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