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Subject: Re: STIX 1.3 & STIX 2.0 Nominations/Discussions Thread

Hi All:

I'd like to suggest that we get back to some of the other arguments and considerations that were made during the build-up to the vote for a Chair for the CTI-TC Committee; that is, that we emphasize international representation.

We have had a nomination for Sean Barnum and Aharon Chernin for Co-Chairs for the STIX Sub-Committee. Both are excellent candidates...but, sadly, both are based in the U.S.

I'd like to, once again, bring up the idea of international representation beyond U.S. government agencies, subcontractors and US ISACs as a key decision tool for our leadership selection dialogue and process. I believe that it is in all of our best interests to advocate and support leadership beyond CONUS to maximize international participation in the standards-setting process...and adoption of the standards themselves.

As such, I'd also like to point out that over the past couple of years we have had active engagement by a number of members of the various Listservs from non-US participants. I'd like to suggest that we consider these individuals as well.

With respect to the STIX Sub-Committee (however it evolves), I'd like to suggest that Terry MacDonald be considered as one of the Co-Chairs of the STIX Committee. Terry has been a consistent contributor over the past year (since I've been monitoring the Listserv) and represents a South Asia perspective.... which would be a welcome addition to the geographical representation to the leadership for STIX. His participation has been consistent and substantive. And, he is willing and able to serve in the capacity of Co-Chair.

As such, I nominate Terry MacDonald as one of the Co-Chairs for the STIX Sub-Committee.


Jane Ginn

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