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Subject: Re: [cti] International Representation


For sure inviting*, and involving NATO, EUROPOL, etc. would be a good thing.

* While we now have an official Chair, maybe he could help us with
formal 'official' invitation letters?

I would recommend, if possible, as an example (while not exhaustive)
that I think was representative of international collaboration, trying
to invite some of the entities working on the Common Criteria

Best regards

2015-06-12 19:01 GMT+03:00 Ms. Jane Ginn <jg@ctin.us>:
> Hi All:
> Good point about getting NATO involved. Contacts anyone?
> As a member of the ENISA Threat Landscape Stakeholders Group (TLS) I'll be happy to liaison there. Here is some info on the ENISA Brussels meeting:
> https://www.enisa.europa.eu/activities/risk-management/events/enisa-workshop-on-eu-threat-landscape
> Does it make sense to reach out to EUROPOL and/or the CIS European External Action Service?  I have contacts in both organizations.
> Jane Ginn

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