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Subject: Re: [cti] CTI-Outreach Sub-Committee Nominations/Discussion

I would officially like to nominate the creation of the Outreach Sub-committee, for discussion at the next CTI TC meeting. I think having a group dedicated to evangelizing STIX/TAXII and CybOX and finding how we can best integrate with other work being performed by other groups around the world would be substantially beneficial.

I would like to second Patrick as co-chair for the community outreach sub-committee if one is formed. He always has such a broad vision, identifying ways that STIX / TAXII and CybOX could integrate cohesively with others efforts. I think he is a great candidate.

I would also like to nominate Joep Gommers as co-chair for this sub-committee (if it eventually exists). Joep and his team have provided the community with free libraries to encourage the creation of tools. He has taken every opportunity to help increase awareness of STIX/TAXII/CybOX within the security community within Europe, and his selection would help give the committee some international flavour.


Terry MacDonald | STIX, TAXII, CybOX Consultant

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this email do not represent the sentiment of any other party except my own. My views do not necessarily reflect those of my employers.

On 19 June 2015 at 19:51, Joep Gommers <joep@intelworks.com> wrote:
I would be comfortable committing either time and resource as a member or
a chair/co-chair for this committee:
- Large network and reach in Europe, which is our main focus and needs
allot of work for STIX/TAXII
- Passioned about compatibility and the community we need to create around
it (certifications, tooling, summer of code, etc.)
- Been- and will be evangelizing STIX/TAXII across the intel supply and
tech vendor space


On 6/18/15, 10:41 PM, "jg@ctin.us" <jg@ctin.us> wrote:

>During the Thursday, June 18 call there was a suggestion that we form
>a Sub-Committee for outreach, specifically to the international
>community.  Later, after the call another suggestion was made for a
>Sub-Committee specifically for ISAO-Outreach.
>Here is a thread we can use for nominations and discussions on this topic.
>Jane Ginn
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