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Subject: (outreach sub-) Re: [cti] CTI-Outreach Sub-Committee Nominations/Discussion

Fully agree here. I was thinking outreach would involve a couple of work
streams, all centering around adoption, adoption, adoption;

- understanding the landscape; continued understanding of the ecosystem,
	hall of fame, compatibility listing, etc
	Mapping the ecosystem
	business intelligence function to the rest of the TC
- building trust; speak to decision makers in adopting STIX, TAXII and
	Stage / evangelizing
	Papers / etc.
- enablement; speak to technical implementors in adopting STIX, TAXII and
	Stage / evanglizing
- bridge the gap tooling; identify the key growth factors in adoption and
provide requirements to TC
	What tools do we need around the standards
	Requirements for lirbaries for other sub-comittees
- accreditation schemes / certification

Any thoughts?

On 6/19/15, 3:15 PM, "Tony Rutkowski" <tony@yaanatech.com> wrote:

>This is an arena that has stovepipes everywhere.  People's
>understanding of "international" tends to be a product of
>their experiences - that tend to be compartmentalized by
>their associated institutions and career.
>I strongly suggest this activity be characterized as a group that
>develops an continuing understanding of the ecosystem and
>the value proposition of TC CTI specifications.  A starter diagram
>is attached.  The approach has worked well for NFV and CYBER.
>Either this group or another adhoc one also needs to attend
>to the large elephant in the room - ISAO formation and discovery
>- or you'll find those "international" folks reticent on the uptake.

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