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Subject: Re: [cti] Subcommittee - Summary So Far

Note that the ISAO name is optional.  In fact,
morphing the term into STIXO has a certain
appeal.  That way, ISAOs can be branded and
are simply a species of STIXO.

The subcommittee has a very narrow
scope of simply producing a schema for
uniquely identifying STIXOs.

Some global body needs to do this.  If not CTI,
who?  Conversely, if you leave it to someone
else, you may not like the result.

See attached revision.


On 2015-06-19 12:15 PM, Doug DePeppe wrote:
I would respectfully dissent from the notion of setting up an ISAO SC.

Tony is entirely correct that ISAO is a necessary alliance. However,
1. CTI TC is a distinct OASIS effort with a scope envisioned in a charter. ISAO is an emerging space that still lacks definition. 2. ISAO is distinctly a US concept with related optics issues globally, relative to potentially creating unintended distraction 3. ISAO has its own emerging ecosystem and the TC may lack credibility or become negatively perceived as a result of prematurely moving into this space

In lieu of a SC, I propose a liaison relationship to emerging ISAO efforts. This way the TC has a mechanism to remain abreast of related efforts and interests.


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